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default Forum Rules & Guidelines

on Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:17 pm
General Rules

1. Be yourself. Your opinion is most welcome.

2. No cursing, no insulting. Please respect one another and each other’s opinion.

3. Post original topics as much as possible; otherwise, please acknowledge the sources.

4. Avoid double posts. Use the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts.

5. Posts should be relevant. No off-topic please. Post in the correct/appropriate forum sections.

6. Make your post easy to understand. Avoid text (sms) type of posting.

7. This forum is used to exchange relevant information. Keep the argument clean and logical.

8. Respect privacy.

9. No solicitations are allowed.

10. No spamming, no flooding or any form alike.

11. No PORN!

12. No harassments online. We have a section for this matter (feedback & suggestion under WRI Support Center). Report to the admin/moderators if an instance occurs. This will be dealt with seriously.

13. Please keep attached pictures small, so it will be easy to load.

14. WRI forum doesn't guarantee credibility or identity of our members. Please make an effort to double-check the background of any person before making a deal with them. WRI Forum will not be held liable to any emotional, physical, financial, or any form of damages in these personal dealings.

15. Political or religious posts or talks are allowed in moderation. No arguing; just respect others’ opinions.

16. Racism and sexism are not allowed!

17. Don't use ALL CAPS (it means shouting) or whatever case in your posts, if it is intended to offend someone!

18. Helping out others, especially new members is encouraged.

19. Each forum member can have only one (1) account (username).

Thanks and Enjoy our Forum.

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